Field Trip: Residence Por Sala Tan

As from my earlier post I am a pretty all rounded amulet dealer and well versed in both mainstream (low to high end) amulets, as well as pretty well connected in the barang world. I’ll be sharing information on mainstream in due course.

In my opinion it is good to be well versed in both, as to have a good understanding on why different Masters practice different arts is a good foundation to getting “answers” as to how and why amulets work.

Below are a short commentary of my travel to Fang province on my 1st visit to Top Occult Master Por Sala Tan (Who recently passed away this year (2014) in his mid 90s.

He will be dearly missed, I do have a small selection of his items which I personally obtained from him over 3 trips to his residence. You can find those by clicking the link on the left

(Note: There have been countless dealer pumped batches floating in the market ALL of my batches are directly obtained and not made by dealers/other self proclaimed “Arjans or Monks” these unscrupulous characters basically make amulets outside and take a photo of Por Sala Tan blessing it and later claiming that they have items direct from Por Sala Tan)

I started my journey in Bangkok where I normally would procure/obtain mainstream amulets in Bangkok from various amulet markets and dealers. Following this I left my amulets with my trusted amulet wrapper to get them encased so I can bring them back to sell and cover my trips cost.

For this trip I decided to reminiscence my younger days where I would commute cheaply by bus/train and various other public transport and took a bus ride from Bangkok to Chang Mai their link found here it cost about 600-700bh for a single trip to most provinces in Thailand. It is best to leave Bangkok at about 10-11pm as it takes about 8-9 hours to reach and you can sleep in the bus throughout the journey, a simple meal, drink and snacks are provided on the bus, however it’s best you bring a spare bottle of water. A toilet can also be found on the bus.

I regretted my decision to do so as it seems time and age has taken it’s toll on my adventurous spirit I should have taken a domestic flight which would only have taken 1 hour or so to reach Chang Mai.

Upon reaching Chang Mai it was about 430am in the morning and I decided to use a guest house to take a shower 1st it only cost 180bh for most guest houses to take a shower and leave your bags there so you can tour the city for a short transit. I decided to have a nice congee breakfast before heading to Fang province which is another 3-4 hour drive.

I booked a private car which cost about 3-4000bh for a day trip to Fang and back to Chang Mai, it takes a local driver to drive there as the roads are dim and poorly lit as you can see from the photo below also its a windy road and any mistake would result in death as you would be tipped over the hill/mountainous terrain of this region. 

2014-04-06 05.57.19

Reaching the small city of Fang (below) it was now about 7-8am or so, a very quiet town we had our toilet breaks and a light meal before heading out again into the rural areas where Por Sala Tan lived.

2014-04-06 07.01.38

Selfie time (Below) 

2014-04-06 07.04.16

The outside of Por Sala Tan’s residence/Samnak (Shrine), They are mostly self sustained growing their own crops and obtaining water from a nearby stream. His entired family stays here he has 60+ wives and 100s of children and countless grand children all living in this small rural area. No surprise here as a Master of Charm and Attraction having this many wives is kinda expected. 

2014-04-06 07.49.13

The outside of Por Sala Tan’s house and a small shack which he spends most of his time playing the traditional guitar and just chilling. (Below)

2014-04-06 07.59.47

Upon entering the house of this legend I could immediately feel the presence of spirits, I am not one that can feel such stuff but I think it’s because of the sheer number of spirits present even a regular guy like me can feel them around. Por Sala Tan was busy engaging in writing yantra on a piece of Paneng and I did’nt greet him till he finished writing the Yants. (Below)

2014-04-06 08.05.05

Luck would have it that he has just finished blessing a batch, I later informed him that I was not local and obtained the entire lot of items from him

2014-04-06 08.09.26

He later showed me some NMP that contained brain matter of the famous 5 spirits (BELOW) which he uses to guide the new spirits that come to seek his refuge. I asked if he had spare bottle os NMP that I could obtain and he graciously said he would spare a few which he recently collected from unclaimed bodies found in the forested area nearby. It is still a (sad) but common occurrence in 3rd world countries where girls are raped, killed and abandoned. So far the media has done a good job on rapist in India where occurrences such as the one where 2 girls in their teens were gang raped and killed. These are all still happening in rural Thailand especially the North where alot of refugees and illegal immigrants from Burma are located the local police does not take action as it is too widespread and they are not Thai Nationals to begin with. This happens in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Southern China as well.

2014-04-06 08.15.52

Por Sala Tan’s cabinet which he keeps his Naman Prai (Corpse Oil) (Below)

Just incase some of you are wondering why Por (Father) Sala Tan is wearing female outfits this is because he is dealing with ALOT of spirits and Prai it is to avoid being reconised by them as otherwise he would be very busy appeasing countless number of spirits that required refuge, he can only help so many at a time. p.s. just for your info it is not as simple as wearing female outfits a katha has to be chanted when wearing female clothing for this effect to happen, the same goes for some white robe Arjans who consecrates Khun Pean they have to wear their attire whilst chanting a Khun Pean Katha in order to consecrate the amulets. Of course this information is only known to dealers like myself lucky enough to speak Thai are a pretty moderately high level and have the opportunity to speak and learn such information from Arjans are their residence and asking sensible questions relating to Wiccha (magic). 

2014-04-06 08.16.48

After obtained full bottles of Naman Prai (About the size of a Brands Essence Bottle) he proceeds to complete the bottle and give it life by adding various herbs, corpse hair and other remains of the girls to give it “life”) (Photo Below)

2014-04-06 08.19.23

Por Sala Tan and a lock of hair from one of the 5 Spirits (Below)

2014-04-06 08.19.34

Por Sala Tan’s wife finishing up the bottles that I allowed to obtain (Below)

2014-04-06 08.23.23

Por Sala Tan’s alter (Below)

2014-04-06 08.24.21

Por Sala Tan giving the items a blessing before I took them back to Bangkok (Below 2 photos)


2014-04-06 08.39.36

2014-04-06 08.44.18

Rare opportunity to take a photo with a Great Occult Master (Below)

2014-04-06 08.58.43

Another photo of his Alter (Below)

2014-04-06 09.02.13

Nice hand drawn Mural on his door over 20-30 years old (Which I took back on my last trip as a momento) (Below Photo)

2014-04-06 09.05.02

Leaving the residence heading back to Chang Mai another 3-4 hours back

2014-04-06 09.05.42

2014-04-06 09.05.53

2014-04-06 09.06.04

Now with daylight you can see what I mean by making a wrong turn which could result in death as the road back was full of mountainous terrain which only a local driver would be well versed enough to handle. All of my drivers from Bangkok declined to drive up due to the long hours and dangerous terrain. I headed back to Bangkok that following evening after heading to do some Tamboon (Merits) at Wat Don Chan an orphanage in Chang Mai which I’ve been visiting for over a decade. 

2014-04-06 10.44.01

2014-04-06 10.44.02


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