Guman Pong Plai Lukrop, Por Sala Tan


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In recent years there have been tons of Monks, Arjans an temple committees pumping out all sorts of gumans the result? No body buys them anymore because everyone knows a lot of them are simply not efficiacous.

Sharing a very technical guman by Por Sala Tan that is very well thought of and consecrated with top class materials.

1) A mould made of corpse cloth, cemetery soil is used.

2) A hole is drilled on the head filling up the insides with lukrop powder

3) The hole in the head is sealed with child’s (lukrop) forehead bone and gold foil

4) The stomach area is also drilled filling it with corpse oil wax (a candle made of bees wax and NMP) (naman prai keow) of a lukrop

5) A total of 1 lukrop was used

while getting a lukrop is impossible these days this guman serves as a great substitute.


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