Lp Derm Wat Nong Luang


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Roop Lor Boran, Pim Tan Sung (Long Base)

Lp Derm Wat Nong Luang


Hp: 91557000

– No words to describe one of the five Bejapakee of Roop Lor Boran along with other ledgendary Monks like Lp Nergn Wat Banklang Pichit

– Comes with 2 Certificates, a 4th Placing from a previous Samakom Comeptition and a 3rd Placing in recent Sampran Competition sanctioned also by the Samakom last weekend 14/5/2017

– Comes wrapped in Open/Close Gold Box worth $1200

– This is the piece that helped me BREAK my business/sales record and this is after already being fairly successful on a consistent level for the last 3 years, this really broke the record as witnessed live by many of my regular customers 3 of which have already obtained their own Lp Derm Wat Nong Po / Wat Nong Luang Roop Lor


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