LP Pinut Wat Sanamlao


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Dao Mae Nur Hom

LP Pinut Wat Sanamlao


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– LP Pinut needs to introduction, as a great tudong Monk (Forest Monk) who has traveled all over Asia in search of different wicchas he finally came back from India in the early 2500s with new found enlightenment and wiccha from the Angores of India, this was when he started making his range of amulets uder the tutelage of Prah Polomard/ Prah Sood an incarnation of the revered Prah Inn

– Last few pieces of Dao Mae Nur Hom from my collection collected many years back

– Encased in 925 Silver

– This batch of stars were made in his last temple they are a great “starting” piece if you are new to LP Pinut and a great addition to your collection for seasoned collectors.

– Great as a general piece, excellent for those who need more metta (attraction) in their line of work and also good for wish granting


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