LP Tim Wat Prah Kao


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Prah Khun Pean 2552

LP Tim Wat Prah Kao


– Very popular batch of KP from one of the TOP Monks in recent history

– Won 3rd Placing in Grand Samakom Competition, thus assuring both it’s authenticity and beauty

– CERT Ready along with the amulet, encased in water proof plastic to protect your investment

Bio LP Tim Wat Prah Kao

LP Tim Wat Prah Kao, Ayutthaya province was born 2456 and was ordained in 2491 under the tutelage of LP Sang Wat Namtao. LP Tim was a true master of Meditation, wiccha and consecration of great amulets. All of LP Tim amulets were made for a purpose mostly to help the poor or to raise funds for both his own and other temples in need of funds for building maintenance. He was a senior student of several notable Monks including LP Jong Wat Natangnok who later shared wiccha of LP Parn Wat Bang Nom Ko to him, he also learnt high level meditation from LP Sod of Wat Paknam the famous meditation Master and maker of the very popular and time tested Wat Paknam amulets. Lastly he learnt from Arjan Ju a great tudong Monk who was excellent in fortune telling and meditation. LP Tim spent a great number of years cultivating his baramee and wiccha by going into tudong practice (forest monk) this lead to him being able to consecrate great amulets in his later years. He took over Abbot duties from LP Ting (the previous abbot of Wat Prah Kao) and became one of the most notable Monks from the famous Ayutthaya province. His amulets and blessings have been popular with both Thai and regional devotees and are now widely accepted and in demand. In recent years the Samakom (Thai Buddha Image Association) has set up new categories for LP Tim Amulets as they have grown to be widely recognised as efficacious and beautiful as a Buddha Image. This is a clear sign that his amulets are slowly gaining popularity and will definitely be both a good piece for wearing and collecting. Time tested over 2 decades wearers have experience good fortune in business, luck, career, attraction and also protection and being free from harm and bad occurrences.


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