Por Nan Tan


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Botak Ngan

Por Nan Tan


HP: 91557000

– Small and handy piece abt 2inches in size

– Por Nan Tan is often compared to Por Sala Tan in his wiccha abilities and his knowledge of dark arts

– Por Nan Tan is also known as the Master of Death being one of the TOP Masters in putting curses using ancient Tai Yai Wiccha originating from Southern China and the Shan states of Burma

– Por Nan Tan specializes in Mountain Spirits mainly the Ngan and Mae Per among others

– RARE NOW As after 3 visits to this Master he has sadly passed on at the age of 95

– Good Barang Masters are very hard to come by these days not only that the quality of “Barang” in the Amulet circle these days have also dropped, can’t get good old barang like these nowadays


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