Por Sala Tan


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Prah Ngan 5 Liam NangNoo

Por Sala Tan


HP: 91557000

– One of the best Ngan Amulet you can find less than 15 pieces made

– Same size as a KP, this is a RARE amulet not commonly made by other Masters, soaked in NMP for over 3 Months, inserted with Snake Skin on the front, tarkrut on the back and corpse cloth tied around it

– Encased in plastic ready to wear, top or bottom no problem, katha provided

– Suitable for those who want more attraction, work in night life or pien business and those in sales

– Made of cemetary soil, bone ash + lukrop meat

– Works perfect with mainstream, sometimes mainstream not working have to fall back on barang

– Letting at very attractive price this usually sells for more than $350 !


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