Prah Arjan Lit Wat Samukaopai


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– Solid Gold 99.999% Tarkrut

– Framed in 20k Gold

Tarkrut Jan Pen – Prah Arjan Lit Wat Samukaopai

Tarkrut Jan Pen is a Tarkrut made only during “Loy Kratong” or the full moon of the 12th month in the Thai Lunar Calendar, this date has great Brahmanical/Astrological Significance and brings the wearer great wealth/luck. The Yantra inscribed on the Tarkrut is small in sized but takes a learnt Master to properly recite holy mantra whilst writing the script on the solid gold sheet, a time limit of only 45 minutes into the morning of the full moon is allowed for the final rolling and consecration of the tarkruts  therefore only a limited quantity can be made each year.

This Tarkrut’s Yantra properly blessed will absorb negative omens/energy and turn it to luck and fortune, if the wearer is not in any eminent danger/mis fortune it will attract and retain good luck and baramee (Spiritual Energy) for the wearer.

Prah Arjan Lit is a Senior Forest Monk hailing from the linage of Lp Derm Wat Nong Po and resides in the forest of  central Thailand


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