Prahkru Sang Wat Intaram 2485



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Prah Somdej 3 Chan

Prahkru Sang Wat Intaram 2485

$1050 (Including 925 Silver Frame Waterproofed)

HP: 91557000

Prahkru Sang is one of Thailand’s most recognized Masters in making Efficacious yet affordable Somdej under the tutelage of Luang Pu Pu a DIRECT luksit of Arjan Toh using the SAME Materials as Lp Pu Wat Intaram his predecessor both Abbots of Wat Intaram

– Powders used were same as Arjan Toh mainly using left over Wat Rakang Powder (blessed by Arjan Toh)

– Under a big ceremony in 2485 with the presence of many Great Gurus of that era

– The same mould was used by his Master Lp Pu Wat Intaram

– This piece was awarded 1st Placing in a recent Major Samakom Comeptition (Cert ready in 2 months)


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