Si Hu Haa Taa


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Prah Si Hu Haa Taa

Por Sala Tan
Por Tan (Fang)
Por Tan Suksabai


Hp: 91557000

– This is a SPECIAL Batch of Si Hu Haa Taa blessed by 3 GREAT Masters 2 of which have already passed on, it was first commisioned by one of Por Sala Tan’s Students/Followers whom himself is an Arjan, hand craved these pieces made of Redwood from a holy site in Burma called Mt Popa (Not more than 25 pieces made) and then passed to Por Sala Tan to bless for over 6 months, it was subsequently passed to Por Tan (Fang Province) to bless and he kept it there for 6 months holding blessing ceremonies nightly, lastly it was passed to Por Tan Suksabai to bless and then passed back to the student for a final mass chanting in Chang Mai during a big ceremony in Wat Talipar, after the ceremony this batch was kept aside and fogotten about till he did some spring cleaning and found the box he contacted me and asked if I wanted this batch I immediately said yes and took the whole batch

– RARE Batch as it is hard to find items blessed by the Masters individually let alone all 3 blessing an Amulet, also on the base are 3 tarkruts written one each by the 3 Masters

– Framed subsequently in Bangkok by my personal wrapper with the best workmanship this piece is ready to be worn, I’ve already “tested” out this piece for wealth fetching and lottery luck it is second to none

– This is EXCLUSIVE to my shop as I bought the ENTIRE Batch and you can’t find this anywhere else

– It’s been a long time since I stumbled on a piece this powerful and RARE, VERY Limited pieces so pls don’t miss it !!! This is not some common factory made Amulet, it has been made in accordance to tradition and proper consecration ceremonies


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